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47 and 55 Passengers


Wi-Fi, TV's, DVD Player, Washroom, PA System, A/C and Heat, Reclining Seats



24 Passengers


A/C and Heat



12 and 15 Passenger Vans


A/C and Heat

Frequently Asked Questions

How many passengers do I need to charter a coach?

Pricing is based on specific customer charter requests, not on the number of passengers.

How long has Five Star been in business?

Five Star Bus Lines began operation in October 2000. 

How many coaches, buses and vans does Five Star have?

Five Star’s current fleet size stands at 5 motor coaches, 4 mini buses and 10 vans.

Is a deposit required? How much and when?

A deposit of 15% is required at time of booking for confirmation purposes.

*** Please Note: All Hockey Team Charters require a $ 500.00 Damage Deposit. ***

When is the final payment for my trip due?

The final payment owing is due one week prior to departure.

What is the refund policy?

If the trip is cancelled more than 2 weeks before the departure date, you will receive a full refund. If the trip is cancelled 1-14 days before the trip departs, a $150 cancellation fee is charged. If the trip is cancelled on the day of the trip, then a $300 cancellation fee applies plus any expenses incurred by Five Star.

Is smoking allowed on the motor coach?

No! Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of a Five Star coach. All of our coaches are smoke free.

Who pays for the driver hotel room if needed?

It is usually in the groups best interest to book and pay for your drivers hotel room, as you will normally be getting a better “group” rate. However, if you need Five Star to book and pay for the hotel room, it will be charged on your invoice at the rate received by Five Star.

What level of insurance does Five Star Bus Lines hold?

Five Star holds $10,000,000 of insurance, which is the federally required amount.

May I bring food and drink on board the bus?

Yes. Food may be brought on board for your personal use. Please remove your litter when you leave the coach.

May I play my CD player or use my laptop computer on the bus?

Yes. Music devices and other electronic equipment are welcome on the bus when used with courtesy for other travelers. Music devices must be used with headphones and played at a low enough volume so as not to disturb other passengers or distract the bus driver. This is simply a matter of common courtesy that we must enforce for the comfort and safety of other passengers and the bus driver.

May I use my cell phone while traveling on the bus?

Yes, but if you must use your cell phone, please limit your use to necessary calls only, and use it in a manner that does not interfere with other passengers or create a distraction for our driver.

What is the difference between “scheduled” bus and “charter” bus service?

Scheduled service carries passengers and freight from one town to another on a regular timetable (or schedule). For example: regular bus service between Portage La Prairie and Brandon would be a scheduled service. Chartered service is provided on demand. For example: groups or organizations hire a bus for a specific trip, such as taking a sports team from Winnipeg to a tournament in Regina, Saskatchewan.

How many hours is our driver allowed to drive before he has to take a mandatory break?

Download the Hours of Service document here.

What do I need regarding going through US Customs?

Visit the US Customs FAQ page here.

How can I find out the Road and Highway Conditions in Canada?