Group Travel

bigstock_unity_-_group_of_people_workin_4097962Ask Yourself The Important Questions

  • Where are you going?
    • To a sports team tournament?
    • Out to the ballgame?
    • Down to the casino?
    • Or maybe from the airport to the hotel to convention center?
  • What’s the occasion?
    • Your team’s playoff game and you need to coordinate travel for the team and chaperones?
    • Your Wedding Day and you must get family and friends to the chapel on time?
    • A holiday party for the office and you want to be sure everyone gets there and back safe and sound?
    • A seniors’ group Christmas lights tour?
    • Your school’s band trip?
    • Your corporation’s annual golf trip?

Sounds great! Now…

How are you going to get there?

Schools, corporations, senior centers, and convention and wedding planners know the answer to this one: Five Star is the most reliable, comfortable, and affordable way to move groups of people. We are punctual, dependable, courteous, friendly, and efficient. And we know how to serve every kind of traveler, solve every travel dilemma, and make getting there easy.

Chartering A Five Star Bus Is As Easy As Riding One

Call 261-7698 or toll free at 1-866-300-7698

Our knowledgeable charter assistant is available to help you think through your trip, right down to the last detail. From departure to return and everything in between, we can help you anticipate your needs. We provide charter bus rental for local trips and all destinations in Canada and the United States.